Russian tit-for-tat response against US media: "foreign agent" defined

Russian tit-for-tat response against US media: "foreign agent" defined

Representatives of all four Duma factions have approved of the amendments to the Russian legislation classifying overseas media as foreign agents, the Deputy Speaker Petr Tolstoy said.

"The media registered in another state or receiving financial or other support from foreign bodies (state bodies or companies, or from Russian companies with foreign financing) are to be recognized foreign agents regardless of their organizational and legal form," Tolstoy said reciting the new amendment to the law "On Mass Media."

The foreign agents are also supposed to indicate that they belong to this category referring to the law on non-profit organizations, Interfax quoted Tolstoy as saying.

"As for the warning requirement, it comes from the law on non-profit organizations and, therefore, it is also applied to media products. We do not make anything up. If the media is recognized as a foreign agent, it acts as a non-profit organization that is a foreign agent," explained Tolstoy. He also noted that it would be the Ministry of Justice that would decide which media must get the foreign agent status, as in the case of non-profit organizations that are foreign agents.



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