Russia’s FSB detains spy working for the US

Russia’s FSB detains spy working for the US

It is established that the suspect passed confidential information to representatives of the western special services.

As a result of the FSB special operation, Russian citizen Alexander Zhitnyuk was detained. The man is suspected of anti-state activities and spying against the Russian Federation for the United States. Zhitnyuk is already charged under Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (High Treason). A source from the law enforcement bodies told this Rosbalt.

"During the lookout of Zhitnyuk, the facts of the information transmission containing state secrets to representatives of one of the Western special services were discovered. The final recipients of this information were the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States," the source explained. In addition, the interlocutor noted that the secret data that the possible spy got, concerned the navy, but the source declined to disclose details.

In the conversation it was also mentioned that in the last few months the FSB officers recorded an unexpectedly increased activity on the part of the US special services. At the same time, active data collection about Russia is conducted not only within its borders, but also in the countries of the former USSR and Europe.



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