Russian Columbine: assumed organizer of Perm school knife rampage goes in mass murders videos

Russian Columbine: assumed organizer of Perm school knife rampage goes in mass murders videos
Lev Bidzhakov Photo: VKontakte

Videos about Columbine High School massacre, which occurred in 1999, were discovered on the pages of 16-year-old Lev Bidzhakov in social networks.

Lev Bidzhakov, suspected of organizing the January 15 attack on school 127 in Perm, was a fan of the story of the massacre at Columbine High School in the United States, the Mash Telegram channel reports. In 1999, two Columbine students attacked teachers and schoolchildren, leaving 13 people slain and 24 injured, after which they shot themselves.

Videos about the events in Columbine were found on the page of Bidzhakov in social networks. It is also reported that in photos in social networks he often posed with a gun and uploaded screenshots of computer games. However, shortly before the attack on school number 127, he deleted all the records except the videos.

According to the publication, in 2017 Bidzhakov completed the ninth grade. He studied badly, but he behaved calmly and was not aggressive. The teenager comes from a secured family, however he ran away from home, because he "did not like being controlled." According to Mash, parents of Bidzhakov, who was hospitalized following the school attack, refused to visit him. Earlier, they did not come after him when he lost consciousness at the lesson.

The second participant in the attack on school 127 was 16-year-old Alexander Buslidze. Mash believes, high school students stormed into the classroom with children and started stabbing them. While doing so, one of them blocked the exit from the class. During the attack a conflict took place between Buslidze and Bidzhakov, and they took on each other. Currently, both attackers are in the hospital under police escort. Both suffer from serious stab wounds.

According to Mash, the reason for the attack was the New Year post in VKontakte network. The author of the message called the readers "dogs." Bidzhakov wrote that he would answer for the insult.

The Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee in the Perm region initiated a criminal case on the attempted murder of two or more persons. The attackers were detained by the police together with the staff of Rosgvardiya.

The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the situation in the Permian school "an internal stabbing spree between the students," Meduza informs. In response to a question about ensuring safety at schools, Peskov suggested "not making amateur conclusions" and waiting for the results of the work of experts. Previously, spokesperson of the Governor of the Perm region Maxim Reshetnikov told RIA Novosti that the video surveillance system had not worked at the school where the attack occurred.



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