Russian biathlonists charged with doping in Austria after police raid

Russian biathlonists charged with doping in Austria after police raid

In Austria, such a violation is a criminal offense and punishable by prison.

The Austrian police appeared at the location of the Russian national biathlon team in Hochfilzen, where the team is preparing for the second stage of the World Cup, and charged several athletes and coaches with violations of anti-doping rules at the 2017 World Championship.

In Austria, such a violation is a criminal offense and punishable by prison, but none of the defendants have been detained.

In the list of violators of anti-doping rules, which was published on Instagram by TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev, there are Anton Shipulin, Evgeny Garanichev, Alexander Loginov, Alexey Volkov, Irina Starykh, former head coach of the national team Alexander Kasperovich, doctors and masseurs of the national team Artem Kryntsilov, Alexander Selyavkin, Evgeny Shutov and Dmitry Topychkanov.

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On Thursday, the specified athletes and team members will have to give explanations to the police.

According to TASS, Garanichev, Loginov, Starykh, and Topychkanov faced a police raid in Hochfilzen. None of them was detained.

At the 2017 World Championship in Hochfilzen, Volkov, Maxim Tsvetkov, Anton Babikov, and Shipulin won gold in the relay 4 to 7.5 km. Also, Shipulin in a team with Olga Podchufarova, Tatiana Akimova, and Loginov won the bronze medal in the mixed relay.

According to the post of Alexander Loginov, published in social networks, Russians are accused of “some kind of blood transfusion fraud.” Suspicions are based on the testimony of "100 interviewed people and Rodchenkov personally," while completely ignoring the net data of doping tests.

“I can say by 1000 percent that this is not true,” Loginov said.

The second stage of the Biathlon World Cup is held in Austrian Hochfilzen from December 13 to 16. The Russian team declared Evgeny Garanichev, Alexander Loginov and Irina Starykh. At the previous stage in Slovenia, Alexander took two bronze - in the pursuit and sprint.

Official statement of the RBU

On Thursday, the official report of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) regarding the incident in Hochfilzen followed:

“The Russian Biathlon Union confirms that representatives of the Austrian Republican Police arrived at the location of the national team in Austria to negotiate them on the evening of December 12. Representatives of the police interviewed some Russian athletes and specialists, admitted during the 2017 World Cup, which was held in Hochfilzen.

The President of the Russian Biathlon Union has already contacted the Russian Embassy in Austria. Employees and specialists of the embassy provide all necessary assistance to athletes and specialists of the national team.

The leadership of the Biathlon Union is monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with the national team coaching staff. Vladimir Drachev will arrive at the location of the team for personal control of the situation and the progress of the proceedings.

The Russian national biathlon team will continue to play at the World Cup, IBU Cup, and other international tournaments."

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