Russian-90’s-like gunfight involving men from Caucasus at St. Petersburg restaurant 

Russian-90’s-like gunfight involving men from Caucasus at St. Petersburg restaurant
One of the instigators, glass bottle in hand Photo: Fontanka

The armed conflict involved about 20 people.

The men from Caucasus opened fire at Italian Capuletti restaurant on Bolshoi Prospekt. This happened at lunchtime. According to Fontanka, several groups of men entered the restaurant at the same time: one of five, one of three and one of two people. The men took neighboring tables and prepared to start their negotiations, putting out some papers. However, no business talks were going to happen that day, the waiters did not even have the time to serve the tables when a group of violent men from Caucasus got into the restaurant. One of them, as we can see on a surveillance tape, was carrying a glass bottle, ready to use it in the fight. Those, who were already seated, and the newcomers exchanged some quick aggressive comments interrupted by shots. Eyewitnesses reported seeing at least two nonlethal pistols in the hands of the violent men. One bullet broke a display window; another one hit a man of 28. According to Life, the wounded is an Uzbekistan citizen.

Display window

The broken display window

After the shooting, some of the instigators quickly got out of the restaurant leaving their outdoor clothing behind. Witnesses say that one of the shooters left Capuletti and waited for his rivals outside so the conflict could go on. However, the men saw the shooter and rushed asunder. Some witnesses reported that the shooting was also heard outside.

None of the customers or passers-by have been injured.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, a criminal case was initiated under part 2 of Art. 213 of the Criminal Code (Hooliganism committed by a group of persons).

Currently, the police are searching for the instigators of the shooting. Meanwhile, the wounded Uzbekistan citizen is known to have escaped from Mariinsky Hospital, where he had turned after the incident. However, law enforcement officials were able to identify another belligerent that had left his car near the restaurant door. His name has been withheld, but we know that he came from Armenia and previously worked in the restaurant business.



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