Russia’s largest microlenders tied to ex-spouse of Putin and children of tycoons

Russia’s largest microlenders tied to ex-spouse of Putin and children of tycoons

This is about a microlender CarMoney.

Russia’s number one loan sharks are children of tycoons and key players. With that, the country’s largest microlender - CarMoney - is tied to an ex-spouse of the President of Russia Liudmila Putina (Ocheretnaya/Shkrebneva), reports Sobesednik.

According to the newspaper, in 2017, Meridian company (controlled by OOO Interierservis) became one of the investors. Founder of the latter is an ex-wife of Vladimir Putin (she registered the company in her maiden name - Shkrebneva).

OOO Meridian, according to the newspaper, owns 7 per cent of Cyprus’ Carmoney CY LTD that is a founder of the legal entity CarMoney.

In the first half of 2019, CarMoney showed record profits. With that, the company’s portfolio of microloans increased by 30 per cent. At the present time, Russians owe 2.6 billion rubles ($41 million) to the organization.

Besides that, a former CEO of 224 Flight Unit Konstantin Vartanov is a share holder of Carmoney CY. His structure deal with transportation of corteges of the top public officials, including the President of the Russian Federation.

Another beneficiary of the microlender is Sergey Sitnikov who is also an owner of a bank Russian financial traditions. It was deprived of tts license by the Central Bank for laundering of profits earned illegally. Coowners of the microlender are businessmen Igor Tuzhilin and Sergey Prilepsky.

Another leader in the market of microlenders is MigKredit which is controlled through a Cyprus-based offshore company Migcredit Holdings. It is controlled by Nikolay, a 22-year-old son of a tycoon Aleksander Mamut. Nikolay lives in the U.S.

Besides that, the newspaper mentions BystroDengi and Turbozaim companies controlled by brothers Yury and Egor Provkins. They are sons of an ex-senator Igor Provkin who had been sentenced for sexual assault on women.

Another microlender - Webbankir - is owned by Denis Shafranik who is a son of a former head of the RF Ministry of Energy Yury Shafranik. Companion of Shafranik Jr. is an ex-head of the Federal Freight and unit recently Adviser Director General with the Russian Railways Aleksey Taicher, reports the newspaper.

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