Russia's FM specifies nature of spy Smolenkov’s trade at US Embassy

Russia's FM specifies nature of spy Smolenkov’s trade at US Embassy
Oleg Smolenkov

Earlier, Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the escaped official had worked with the Staff of Russia’s President.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova has told Rasstriga Telegram channel that an employee with a name Oleg Smolenkov had worked with the Russian Embassy in Great Britain.

She found it difficult to specify the period of time when Smolenkov had been in the service of the Russian Embassy in the United States. Zakharova noted that she had nothing else to add, as she didn’t know Oleg in person.

“The only thing that I know from the colleagues’ personal assessments is that he dealt with the household issues,” she said, having emphasized that the situation was instigated by CNN.

Zakharova believes that the publication was issued at this particular time, as the presidential election race has been launched. The representative of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the polemic that has become high-profile against the background of the publication is apparently advantageous for candidates from CNN.

This last week, the American TV-channel reported that in 2017, the United States had ‘evacuated’ a family of their agent Oleg Smolenkov from Montenegro who had worked with the Staff of Russia’s President.

On September 11, Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Smolenkov had worked with the Administration of the President, but “was not one of the senior government officials.”

American TV-channel NBC had reported that at the present time, Smolenkov - under his own name - lives near Washington and is under security of the United States authorities. Moscow - through Interpol - asked the United States authorities for precise information on the whereabouts of Smolenkov, as a criminal case into murder had been opened following the fact that he and his family had gone missing during their vacation in Montenegro in 2017.



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