Russia enters top 3 rating of European Union’s main threats

Russia enters top 3 rating of European Union’s main threats

The Baltic countries, Finland, Poland, and Romania are most afraid of the Russian state.

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) has included Russia in the top three threats to the security of the European Union countries. The Russian Federation took the second place in the anti-rating, sharing it with international criminal groups. When compiling the rating, the authors took into account government data, journalist publications, and surveys of analysts and politicians from 28 European countries.

The first line of the ‘fear rating’ is occupied by radical Islamist organizations. In the second place, there are international OCGs and Russia. At the same time, the Russian state managed to outstrip North Korea, which took third place.

The researchers found that the Finns, Lithuanians, Poles, Estonians, and Romanians fear Russia the most. The report says that the country’s image in the eyes of Europeans has changed for the worse since 2008 when Russia ranked fourth. However, then the level of mistrust increased in connection with the Crimea annexation, hostile information policy, and hacker attacks. At the same time, there are countries that do not regard Russia as a threat. This is Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, and Cyprus.

According to the authors of the rating, the increased mistrust in relation to Russia will last for the next ten years. It is also expected that the threat to security from Turkey and China will increase, according to ECFR.



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