Russia drafts bill to block anonymizers and VPN services

Russia drafts bill to block anonymizers and VPN services

The officials want to ban users from accessing blocked sites.

Russia has drafted a bill that blocks anonymous proxies and VPN services that refuse to prohibit access to forbidden websites, Vedomosti wrote citing sources in e-companies and an undisclosed federal official.

According to the publication, the initiative belongs to the Russian Security Council and involves Roskomnadzor and Media Communication Union that unites the biggest network providers. The information has not yet been confirmed officially.

According to the bill, anonymizers and VPN services will be required to block access to resources from Roskomnadzor black list. Besides, it is proposed to prohibit search engines from giving links to the banned content. Violation of this requirement would result in a fine of 700 thousand rubles ($12.400).

The current practice has revealed that blocking websites was not effective enough.  The authors say they cannot reach the goals they had set.

Russian courts already block anonymizers for providing access to banned websites. According to Roskomvoboda human rights organization, about 100 ban-bypassing resources have been blocked.

Russian State Duma in March 2017 approved a bill to block mirror websites in the first reading, also obliging search engines to remove links to them.



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