Russia and China working on "alternative Internet"

Russia and China working on "alternative Internet"

Russia has got interested in the ideas of Fang Binxing, the creator of the Chinese Fire Wall.

Russia is cooperating with China to create an "alternative Internet" - a system of DNS root servers, Kommersant said citing informed sources.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a decentralized storage system that contains all domain names and their corresponding IP addresses.

According to the newspaper, Russia has become interested in the ideas of Fang Binxing, the IT engineer and computer scientist from China Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering; he is known as the "Father of China’s Great Fire Wall."

Binxing argued that the state must have full control over its segment of the Internet and be able to defend itself against external threats. It was that notion that brought about the global Internet censorship in China, Kommersant said.

In November 2017, Russian Security Council instructed the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create an "alternative Internet," according to RBC. The Security Council stated it was essential since the Western countries were getting increasingly more capable of "offensives in the infosphere."

Experts claimed at that time that it was impossible to create a system like that since the DNS was a hierarchical system with only one root.



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