Rostov: OMON beats football fans 

Rostov: OMON beats football fans
Picture from the scene Photo: Still from the video

The conflict with law enforcers began during a hustle after the match.

In Rostov, there was a mass brawl after a football match. The conflict broke out between the fans of Rostov and Spartak FCs and OMON special police. The reason for the fans' dissatisfaction was that they were not let out of the stuffy premises for a long time after the match. There was a stampede in the exit queue. 

As reported by Chempionat, when the stampede intensified, about 40 riot policemen run into the crowd and began to beat football fans with batons. After 40 minutes, people were allowed to leave the stadium. 

At the moment, there is no information about the victims.



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