Rostov doctors amputate child’s hand failing to notice infection in time

Rostov doctors amputate child’s hand failing to notice infection in time

The Ministry of Health has begun a check on the incident.

In the Rostov Region, Yegor Sazonov, 11, from the village of Mechetinskaya, lost his arm after being in a hospital with an open fracture.

Doctors put a cast on the boy’s arm but did not notice that infection was there. As a result, the child had gas gangrene and his arm had to be amputated.

His condition worsened gradually - the arm turned blue first and the pain was unbearable. The boy did not sleep or eat. The only place he could fall asleep at least for a while was a car. Yegor’s father drove his son around the neighborhood so that he would have a little rest, the Ministry of Health said.

On the second day of his torment, there was an odor from the cast. His mother brought the child to the Zernograd hospital again. When the doctor opened the cast, he found dead tissue, a deformed wound and all signs of infection.

The Ministry of Health added that the operation was carried out after a consultation of doctors decided so. The child’s condition is assessed as moderate, he has been transferred from intensive care unit to the surgical department. The boy’s psychological condition is causing concern - he has been mentally traumatized and a therapist is working with him.

Rostov No. 1 says citing the mother, Natalia Sazonova, that Yegor broke his arm on August 10. After the cast was put, he still complained of pain in his arm, although the doctors claimed that it was to be expected with open fractures, and recommended taking ibuprofen.

All the doctors involved in the treatment of the boy are under investigation.



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