Rostov colony prison mafia lays prisoners under tribute

Rostov colony prison mafia lays prisoners under tribute

Prisoners receive death threats for refusal to pay tax to ‘common fund’.

No sooner had the scandal with money extortion in the Moscow pre-trial detention center No. 4 (aka Medved’) faded than there appeared similar complaints from prisoners of the Rostov region. The other day, a woman who introduced herself as the wife of one of the convicts serving a sentence in the correctional colony No. 2 of Rostov-on-Don contacted the editorial office of’s. Arina Popova talked about the situation, in which her cousin found himself.

It turned out that some crime lords serving their sentence alongside Popova’s common-law husband began to blackmail the man and demand that he pay 300 thousand rubles to the common fund. In case of refusal to obey the thieves in law, the man is threatened with physical harm.

Arina Popova’s common-law husband, 36-year-old Denis Martynov was sentenced to 3.5 years for theft in 2015. The man tried to serve his term most diligently and get the maximum of incentives in order to be granted parole. He mastered new professions and worked calmly in a prison bakery. Everything went well, but the situation suddenly turned to the worse.

In October 2017, one of the colony prisoners was found thrown out of the window. The so-called ‘blatnoys’ [thieves in law] beat the prisoner, and then threw him out of the window for refusing to pay to the common fund. After the incident, all thieves were redistributed to other colonies, but the story does not end there.

New crime lords soon arrived in the colony, who immediately began to establish their gangland orders. They began to demand large amounts of money from ordinary prisoners. One of the convicts gave them 150 thousand rubles ($2643) right in front of Martynov. Then it was Denis’s [Martynov] turn. Prison workers summoned him, and there were also thieves in their office. They demanded 300 thousand rubles from him. At the same time, he had to pay the money no later than in 20 days, otherwise, as they said, “things will get dire.”

Denis Martynov did not know what to do and who to ask for help, because his relatives did not have such amounts, and his common-law wife was bringing up two children.

January 22, Denis Martynov was unexpectedly placed in solitary confinement for no obvious reason. After learning this, Arina started to make calls to Assistant Chief of Human Rights of the Federal Penitentiary Service Main Directorate, Lieutenant Colonel Anzhelika Kuzmenko. The latter replied that the colony administration would soon call her and discuss this situation. However, nobody ever called. Nevertheless, she managed to find out that her common-law husband was taken to solitary confinement for “bad behavior” and no one knew when he would be released.

It is not clear what is currently going on in the colony; neither it is known why employees of the correctional institution cannot bring matters under control. One way or another, it remains to be hoped that the higher authorities of the Federal Penitentiary Service will pay attention to the events that are taking place. 



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