Rosselkhozbank teller who stole $351 thousand was to “go to the warm sea” 

Rosselkhozbank teller who stole $351 thousand was to “go to the warm sea”
Luiza Khayrullina Photo: Moskovsky Komsomolets

Close people of Luiza Khayrullina characterized her as a person not prone to wrongdoing.

People closest to Rosselkhozbank teller Luiza Khayrullina, who stole 23 million rubles ($351.1 thousand) from the institution's cash register on May 27 and hid with the whole family, describe her as a person not prone to wrongdoing, Moskovsky Komsomolets informs. Friends considered the Khayrullins quite wealthy.

“I checked news on Monday and literally fell on a chair. I knew her as a very conscientious, warm-hearted person,” said the woman’s former classmate. Her colleague noted that the management of the bank "fully trusted" Khayrullina. “I do not understand what could happen so that everything could be reversed at once,” the woman added.

"Moskovsky Komsomolets notes the woman has been carefully preparing. In particular, Khayrullina removed her accounts on all social networks in advance, except for My World. One of the last posts in this network read: “The night should be spent, and not slept through. And life should be lived through rather than wasted".


When it comes to the spouse of Khayrullina, Marat, the friends of the family were also positive about him. According to his friends, he has long dreamed of building a house for the family. Several years ago, Khayrullin acquired a land plot, after which he invested a lot in building the house.

“Marat has a shift job, flies to the North, was an engineer. I got the impression that they had a rather orderly family,” said one of the man’s acquaintances.

At the same time, Khayrullin had loans he could not repay. According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the database of bailiffs features information about four enforcement proceedings related to his payments - in the amount of 23 ($351), 29 ($443), 45 ($687) and 854 ($13 thousand) thousand rubles. In addition, he has a mortgage.

Khayrullina took out 9 million rubles ($137 thousand), 140,900 dollars and 101,315 euros from the bank's cash register. According to one of her colleagues, this money could fit in a regular bag. There was no security in the bank, the tellers used alarm buttons. All the premises of the bank were under video surveillance.

According to the colleague of Khayrullina, it is almost impossible to establish the numbers of stolen bills, because money is always in circulation. At night, money does not remain in the branch.

Moskovsky Komsomolets also reports that the woman’s children told teachers at the school that in the near future the family “would go to the warm sea”. Earlier it was reported that shortly before the robbery, the Khayrullins had sold one of their cars. The family had two cars.



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