Rospotrebnadzor takes its time combating Hawthorn bath lotion

Rospotrebnadzor takes its time combating Hawthorn bath lotion

The town of Rostov police initiates raids looking for Boyaryshnik (Hawthorn) bath lotion. However, the Service in the сity of Irkutsk takes its time helping police combat the surrogate alcohol, claiming it is illegal.

The city of Rostov-on-Don police initiated several raids. It confiscated about 600 liters of Boyarishnik lotion and other surrogate alcohol. The inspections conducted by the Economic Security and Corruption Combating Unit of the MIA were meant to detect and stop illegal alcohol trade, according to the MIA in the Region. Police officers confiscated about 600 liters of illegal alcohol.

Police conducted an investigation. 3 instances of illegal surrogate alcohol trade were detected as the result. The dealers did not have documents proving their products’ safety. Police confiscated almost 600 liters of surrogate alcohol (Boyarishnik, Vita-Septa, Krasny Perets, and Khlebny) from a retail shop and 2 wholesale outlets, according to a MIA statement.

May we remind you that about 70 people dying of Boyarishnik poisoning in the city of Irkutsk is the reason for the hard look on alcohol-containing lotions. This cosmetic product is 93% alcohol; it is popular with a significant portion of Russian population since it can be consumed as an alcoholic beverage. Irkutsk civil servants began claiming the following in the wake of the tragic mass poisoning: they had been trying to prohibit Boyarishnik sale on the federal level but were not able to do so.

Moreover, the city authority claims that Mikhail Luzhnov, the Service Deputy Head in the Irkutsk Region, refused to help the local Town Hall in raiding shops selling Boyarishnik. The civil servant claimed his decision was due to raids being illegal. Police opened a criminal case against him in the wake of the mass poisoning.

There are 13 people suspected of the mass poisoning. However, only 1 of them was taken into custody. Court either placed the rest under house arrest or imposed travel restrictions on them. It is worth mentioning that the only suspects are surrogate alcohol sellers.



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