Rosneft has no explanation for Sechin’s right to use flashing lights

Rosneft has no explanation for Sechin’s right to use flashing lights
Igor Sechin

Spokesman Mikhail Leontiev managed to make a mistake even in the official comment to the press.

Rosneft’s spokesperson Mikhail Leontiev, who was blatantly rude to journalists, who were just asking a question, failed to provide any official comment to BBC.

Asked whether Rosneft CEO used flashing lights on his car Leontiev said: "Actually, Sechin is the executive secretary of the Presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex. That gives him the right to use a flasher and a special vehicle at the very least, since he is a government official of certain level”. wondered if the spokesman’s words were true and had some checks. It turned out that according to the Cabinet official website, Sechin has not been an executive secretary of the commission for over two years. Daria Vasilevskaya has been on the post since 2015, being an assistant to Vice-Premier Arkady Dvorkovich, who leads the commission, while the Rosneft CEO is just another ordinary member.

As we wrote earlier, Dozhd TV channel had reported that contrary to President Putin’s 2012 ban, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin had not ceased to use flashing lights on his vehicle. The channel also unveiled a conversation Leontiev had had with journalists on this regard, where instead of answering their question he texted: "Please kiss my ass. Assuring you of our eternal esteem”.



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