Rosneft appeals verdict in RBC lawsuit

Rosneft appeals verdict in RBC lawsuit

The company turned to the Moscow Arbitration Court to appeal against the verdict obliging RBC to increase the compensation.

Rosneft has appealed the court's decision on the company’s claim to RBC. The appeal has been filed to the Moscow Arbitration Court, Rosneft Vice President Mikhail Leontyev said adding that the previous verdict implied an "insufficient compensation that would let the offenders go unpunished."

We should remind that the oil giant demanded over 3 billion rubles from the journalists as compensation for tarnishing the company’s good name. However, the court only partially upheld their claims, obliging RBC to pay just 390,000 rubles.

RBC had also appealed against the verdict returned by the Moscow Arbitration Court. Both the company and the news agency are going to request the information obtained during the Rosneft shares privatization to be provided to them by the Russian Government, Intesa Bank and BP P.L.C.

At first instance Rosneft won the lawsuit: the agency will now have to pay 390 thousand rubles. The total sum decreased dramatically from initially totaling 3 billion rubles.

The lawsuit was filed in April 2016 against Timofei Dzyadko, Lyudmila Podobedova and Maksim Tovkaylo, who had written the article. Among the defendants also were Business News (the newspaper’s founder and publisher), RBC-TV and its host Konstantin Bochkarev.

The impugned article focused on 19.5% of Rosneft shares that were going to be privatized. It said that Igor Sechin, the state corporation CEO, was afraid BP P.L.C. would gather the company’s blocking stake and asked the government to restrict buyers from cooperating with BP P.L.C. As stated in the file, Sechin had suggested that the government would not sell the 19.5% in the market and that instead it would find at least two buyers among Asian companies or funds.



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