Rosneft accused of manipulation in Yukos case

Rosneft accused of manipulation in Yukos case

Ex-FSB officers provided assistance to Rosneft.

Rosneft manipulated the trial of Yukos in the Netherlands. Dutch NRC Handelsblad wrote about this; e-mail correspondence and records of the Russian oil company fell into the hands of the edition.

According to NRC Handelsblad, Rosneft was behind the decision of the Supreme Court of Armenia, which in October 2010 found that the Russian company was the owner of Armenian subsidiary of Yukos. Based on this decision the Dutch court issued a similar verdict in May 2011.

According to the edition, US law firm Baker Botts, Russian and Armenian officials, including lawyer Eduard Muradyan, as well as former members of the FSB participated in the manipulation of Rosneft. With the help of Baker Botts and Muradyan Rosneft allegedly bribed representatives of the Armenian court.

At the same time, evidence of the Rosneft's pressure was represented at the hearing in 2014 in the court by Yukos lawyers; a year later, these certificates were recognized as evidence in the court of Amsterdam. After that Rosneft withdrew its claim to the Armenian unit of Yukos, and $ 337 million assets of the latter were distributed among the former shareholders of Yukos.

Rosneft told NRC Handelsblad, the Armenian court's decision was reasonable and made in accordance with the law. Baker Botts rejected the assumption that the company in any way influenced on the Armenian justice and refused to comment citing confidentiality. Muradyan also rejected accusations of manipulation. Yukos stated that the situation illustrated how far Russia willing to go in an attempt to pressure the court.

Former Yukos shareholders are going into litigation with Russia, because they believe that the company was illegally expropriated. In 2007, Yukos was declared bankrupt and liquidated, the owner of its main assets became Rosneft. In July 2014, the Hague Arbitration Court of Justice ordered Russia to pay $ 50 billion to the former owners of Yukos, after nine years of proceedings admitting that the company was expropriated. In April 2016, the District Court of Hague ruled that the tribunal in Hague did not have sufficient jurisdiction over the Yukos case and reversed the decision on recover the money.



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