Roskomnadzor to force search engines into obliviating Bittorrent

Roskomnadzor to force search engines into obliviating Bittorrent (Bittorrent) still remains in search results

Search engines should exclude blocked in Russia sites from search results, said a representative of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). In the near future, the agency intends to require the search engines to adjust search results.

Roskomnadzor intends to require search engines to exclude blocked in Russia sites from search results. As Izvestia writes, official representative of the department Vadim Ampelonsky said this.

According to him, this requirement will concern both already blocked sites, and those that will be banned in the future. Each time after the blocking of the next site the offices of search engines will receive requirements to exclude it from the search results.

As the newspaper notes, more than 70% of users visit blocked sites search engines. So, when checking through the search engines it became clear that (Bittorrent) blocked for the pirated content was excluded only by the search system Mail.Ru. Google and Yandex continue to show a link to this site on the user's request.

Earlier it became known that the structure of Roskomnadzor established a new department that would be studying ways to block sites. It should help the department in suppressing the work of anonymizers and VPN-services.

In early October, the agency announced its intention to reduce the list of blocked sites, removing from it inactive and duplicate resources. The need to clean the registry is due to its limited capacity. In total, the registry of the department can make about 1 million records. However, as Head of Roskomnadzor Denis Paltsin noted, there is a risk that after adding more than 300.000 sites to the list, the register will "be clogged."

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