Roskomnadzor press secretary placed under house arrest

Roskomnadzor press secretary placed under house arrest
Vadim Ampelonsky

Against him and other employees of the department a criminal case was initiated under swindling article. Vadim Ampelonsky does not admit his guilt.⁠

Press secretary of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) Vadim Ampelonsky, Head of the Roskomnadzor legal department Boris Edidin and adviser of the director general of GRCTS federal state unitary enterprise Alexander Veselchakov were placed under house arrest by the decision of the Chertanovskiy Court of Moscow. All three are accused of an especially large fraud, as provided for by part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code. This was reported by press secretary of the Chertanovskiy District Court Stanislav Yezhov.

"On October 5, 2017 the Chertanovskiy District Court of Moscow examined petitions of the Investigation Department for the Southern District of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Russian Federation in Moscow on the choice of preventive measure for Boris Edidin, Vadim Ampelonsky in custody and Alexander Veselchakov in the form of house arrest. The court refused to satisfy the applications for arrest in respect of Edidin and Ampelonsky, but issued a resolution on the election of preventive measures in the form of house arrest for the persons named above until November 7," Yezhov told the press.

Three accused are suspected of participating in a criminal scheme to withdraw money from the agency to the FSUE controlled by Roskomnadzor.

Vadim Ampelonsky got a house arrest until November 7.

As lawyer of Vadim Ampelonsky Igor Pegov reported, he does not admit his guilt in the case of fraud against him and other employees of the department. The lawyer has already filed an appeal against the decision, but the timing of its consideration has not yet been called.

We will add that on Tuesday Telegram-channel Oper Slil (Leaked by operative) published information about searches in the Main Radio Frequency Center, which is under the supervision of Roskomnadzor. "According to rumors, there were dead souls, to which expenses were written off. Roskomnadzor is also being checked," the channel reported.



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