Roskomnadzor asks Google and Apple to remove Telegram app from stores

Roskomnadzor asks Google and Apple to remove Telegram app from stores

The media watchdog head is convinced that "the negotiation should yield results."

Roskomnadzor is negotiating with Google and Apple on the removal of the Telegram app from the companies’ online stores, reported the agency’s head Alexander Zharov as quoted by Interfax.

"There is an ongoing negotiation with Google and Apple on the issue. We are talking via emails. They stick to one point, while we stick to the other... This is a legal dialogue, which I am sure will yield its results," Zharov said.

According to the official, the lawyers of Roskomnadzor and those of the companies "differ in their interpretations of the third clause of the court's decision, which says that Roskomnadzor and other legal entities have to restrict access to the application. They do not want to recognize themselves as "other entities," they want a direct request to specific companies," Zharov explained.

The agency head also said that there are precedents of companies limiting access to apps on App Store and Google Play at Russia’s request. "For instance, the social network LinkedIn and the messenger Zelo," he said.

Zharov added that companies have three options of meeting Roscomnadzor’s requirements: "complete removal from the stores, restricting access in the specific country, or limiting the app’s functions."

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