Rosgvardiya head calls Navalny out 

Rosgvardiya head calls Navalny out
Army General Viktor Zolotov

General Viktor Zolotov offered the oppositionist to choose a kind of a duel.

The commander-in-chief of Rosgvardiya, army General Viktor Zolotov, said that founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) Alexey Navalny insulted him, and he could not forgive it. Zolotov calls Navalny out. The video message of the Rosgvardiya Head is posted on the website of the department.

"You allow yourself to insult me, mention slanderous reflections, the officer could not simply forgive it. From time immemorial a scoundrel was beaten in the face, called out. I challenge you – we can fight at the ring, tatami, anywhere, I promise to beat you to jelly,” said the General.

Viktor Zolotov also said that Navalny was waving the declaration of the General's income "like a rag" for several years. The Head of Rosgvardiya noted that the declaration was filed out before he headed the department. At the same time, Zolotov stressed that he was "not a poor man," unlike the oppositionist.

That is the General’s reply to Navalny’s charges of purchasing food at inflated prices. Earlier the FBK found out that only one enterprise (Druzhba Narodov Meat Processing Plant) produces food products for the department. This company, according to the foundation, had previously belonged to Ukrainian businessman Yuri Kosyuk. However, after joining the Crimea, his company was "withdrawn." The new owner is Boris Kantemirov, the former officer of internal troops.



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