Rosgvardia Sergeant deliberately shot his colleague dead 

Rosgvardia Sergeant deliberately shot his colleague dead

Thanks to the surveillance camera in the office, it was found out that by accident Rosgvardiya (The National Guard) wanted to hide the fact of intentional killing of one person by another.

On October 19, at the time of turning over a shift, a young employee of the private security units of the Moscow Eastern Administrative District, according to official Rosgvardia information, accidentally fatally shot a colleague.

However, the journalists of the REN TV channel watched the video from the surveillance cameras, from which it follows that the killing was intentional.

On the footage, it can be seen that in the presence of several persons, the Rosgvardia officer loaded a Makarov pistol and shot another officer in the head. His actions in the video look quite aware.

At the same time, Rosgvardia initially tried to hide the fact of murder on the grounds of conflict. In the afternoon, the information center of the Federal Service of Rosgvardia troops reported that an employee accidentally shot a colleague.

According to the official version, "during a shift change, a young employee of the private security violated the procedures for passing the weapons and did not make sure that the gun chamber was loaded. As a result, there was a shot, and the bullet ricocheted off the wall and got into his colleague's head."

However, judging by the video, there was no ricochet. REN TV does not exclude the possibility of conflict between men, the 26-year-old Sergeant named Sergey from Noginsk and the 27-year-old Sergeant Nikita Pavlutin, who was killed and left two children.

Upon the death of an employee, an internal was initiated; the Investigative Committee opened a murder case. Rosgvardia leadership expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased, they will be assisted in carrying out the funeral and will be provided with material support in the future, reported the Agency.



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