Rosgvardia officer that protected businessman targeted after shootout in Moscow City 

Rosgvardia officer that protected businessman targeted after shootout in Moscow City

Roman Egorov was sentenced to 3.5 years’ incarceration.

The fact of a corruption crime by the commander of the detachment of the special operations center of FSUE Okhrana of Rosgvardia, Roman Egorov, was revealed during an investigation of another case - on a shootout in Moscow City. The day before, a court sentenced Egorov to three and a half years in prison for protecting Pavel Breyev, a member of the M.Video board of directors, and his family members.

He was convicted under part 1 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code (Abuse of Official Powers). At the same time, during the hearing of arguments, the state prosecution demanded that the officer be found guilty of Bribe-Taking (Art. 290 of the Criminal Code), sentenced to ten years in a penal colony for this, and also fined twice the amount of a bribe - 5 million rubles ($75.5 thousand). The defense of the defendant requested, in turn, to fully acquit the Lieutenant Colonel due to lack of corpus delicti in his actions.

Роман Егоров

Roman Egorov

According to investigators, in February 2017, Egorov inked a deal with Breyev to protect his property, but in fact the special operations soldier carried out the functions of a bodyguard for the businessman and his family. Egorov received 250 thousand rubles ($3.7 thousand) a month for his services, earning 2.5 million rubles ($37.7 thousand) in ten months.

The business of Rosgvardia Lieutenant Colonel was prevented by a shootout in Moscow City in November 2017. Then, the guards of 'authoritative' businessman Gavril Yushvayev (Garik Makhachkala) and Rosgvardia employees, who protected the no less 'authoritative' businessman Dmitry Pavlov, known by the nickname Pavlik, quarreled.

The massacre took place at Crystal BallRoom restaurant in the Oko tower of the Moscow City complex at the time Pavlov celebrated his anniversary there. To entertain the audience, Russian pop stars Grigory Leps, Valery Meladze, Lyubov Uspenskaya and the Cirque du Soleil team were invited. Valdis Pelsh emceed the gala evening entitled Anniversary among friends, and among the guests of the birthday boy were two notorious Slavic thieves in law, Oleg Shishkanov (Oleg Ramensky, Shishkan) and Sergey Aksenov (Aksen), as well as the leader of Podolskaya criminal group Sergey Lalakin (Luchok) and 'authoritative' businessman Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (Tayvanchik).

3-й (слева направо) Гавриил Юшваев (Гарик Махачкала), 4-й Алексей Суворов (Петрик), 6-й Олег Шишканов (Шишкан).jpg

3rd (left to right) Gavriil Yushvayev (Garik Makhachkala), 4th Alexey Suvorov (Petrik), 6th Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan)

According to investigators, the conflict arose after Yushvayev went up to the restaurant, and his guards blocked the way to the tower with the Maybach car in which he arrived. As a result, a verbal skirmish arose between them and the guards of other guests, which quickly evolved into a shootout. At the same time, the parties to the conflict moved to the restaurant, which caused a panic among the guests.

One person died in the shootout, five more were injured. Among the affected were Dmitry Yakobson, an employee of the special operations center of the FSUE Okhrana of Rosgvardia, who was seriously wounded in the stomach, as well as Pavlov’s guards Kirill Titarenko, who managed to survive after being shot in the back of the head, and Platon Koyda, who died from wounds.

The Investigative Committee came to the conclusion that the conflict was started by the co-owner of Skorpion and two-time world kickboxing champion Magomed Ismailov, who served as Yushvaev's guard chief, and guard Eldar Khamidov. They were charged with Attempted Murder (Art. 30, part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and Illegal Arms Trafficking (Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

However, later the version of the investigation changed dramatically - the wounded Yakobson and Titorenko became suspected of starting the conflict.

Дмитрий Якобсон

Dmitry Yakobson

After the incident, checks began against other employees of FSUE Okhrana (the facility itself was later disbanded), as a result of which in October 2018, Egorov was arrested on suspicion of providing illegal services.

At the same time, in early 2019, the case against special operations soldier Dmitry Yakobson, as well as two employees of the private security company - Kirill Titarenko and Platon Koyda, who died during the shootout, was closed. Vitaly Nikitchenko, investigator for particularly important cases of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee, found no signs of hooliganism and illegal possession of weapons.

When passing sentence on Roman Egorov, judge of Preobrazhensky District Court of Moscow Valeriya Chebotar took into account the fact that he is a war veteran, participated in the release of hostages captured by terrorists in a theater center on Dubrovka in 2002, has dependent old parents and three children, and his actions did not cause FSUE Okhrana material damage. The officer and his defense are going to appeal the verdict.



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