Rosgvardia: it was much easier to cook GTA gang members' goose

Rosgvardia: it was much easier to cook GTA gang members' goose
Abdumukim Mamadchonov, shot in the Moscow Regional Court

The department rejected the assumption of staging the attack of the defendants of the case on the convoy.⁠

The version about the massacre of the GTA gang members by the security forces is untenable, said Sergey Melikov, the First Deputy Head of Rosgvardia, answering the question of the RBC journalist about the possible staging of the attack on the convoy.

According to the representative of the department, if such a goal really existed, it would be much easier to deal with the defendants.

"For extrajudicial punishment of criminals, it was possible to find a simpler method, rather than such a sophisticated one. And there was no reason for this - the prosecutor asked for a life sentence," Melikov said.

Earlier, Head of Rosgvardia Viktor Zolotov, commenting on the incident, said that in the escorting of the GTA gang arrested in the case, violations were committed. In particular, law enforcement officers should not have come with the defendants to the elevator - they had to lower them with stairs.

As the CrimeRussia wrote, on Wednesday, August 2, it became known that the fourth injured member of the GTA gang died in the hospital from the injuries received.

The incident occurred in the Moscow Regional Court on Tuesday, August 1. Five members of the gang took two of the escorts who were accompanying them in a lift to the court session, hostage. When the defendants came out of the elevator, employees of Rosgvardia and the police tried to detain them, but the criminals opened fire at the defeat. As a result, one employee of Rosgvardia and two policemen were hospitalized with wounds. Three members of the gang were liquidated on the spot, two were wounded, one of whom died today in the hospital.



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