Rosgvardia heads to face trial for neo-Nazi's attack on Khabarovsk FSB  

Rosgvardia heads to face trial for neo-Nazi's attack on Khabarovsk FSB
Deputy Head of the Rosgvardia Department in the Khabarovsk region Colonel Alexander Prostakishin

The regional center for licensing reported to the ICR Central Board about the inspection of the Khabarovsk shooting clubs, including the Hammer, where Anton Konev stole weapons. However, it later became clear that the staff of Rosgvardia did not actually visit the club, and the audit data, which had a positive conclusion, was falsified.⁠

Senior staff of Rosgvardia may be held responsible for the attack on the FSB reception in Khabarovsk. The matter is that the regional center for licensing (TSRLR) of the department forged the results of the inspection of the shooting club Hammer, where the neo-Nazi stole weapons.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on April 21, 2017, 17-year-old neo-Nazist Anton Konev, member of the Stolz-Khabarovsk organization, stole weapons from the Hammer club. Having shot the instructor, he took possession of four pistols and a carbine Saiga. Then he went to the reception of the regional FSB, where he killed the officer and the interpreter, and another man was seriously wounded. The attacker himself was killed in a skirmish with Special Forces.


Weapons with which Konev came to the FSB

According to Kommersant, a week before the tragedy, on April 14, Colonel Alexander Prostakishin, the Head of the TSRLR and the head of the Rosgvardia department in the Khabarovsk region, reported to the capital's authorities. Prostakishin told the General Directorate of licensing work and state control (GULRRGK) of Rosgvardia that according to the instructions of the Central Board all sporting shooting clubs of the region were checked. At the same time, Khabarovsk guardsmen allegedly did not reveal any significant violations.

After the attack on the FSB, the Central Board of Rosgvardia sent a group of auditors to Khabarovsk; they established that there had been no audit in the Hammer club: the inspector of the TSRLR did not go to the site, and the verification report, drawn up on April 10, was falsified. It turned out that in accordance with the license, the club could only deal with the training of private security guards. There was no permission to store military weapons, and Anton Konev could not visit it, because he was not a private security guard and was generally a minor. In addition, in the club, where the rules were supposed to be a checkpoint, there was no security. The lack of protection led, among other things, to the fact that the corpse of the wounded instructor was found only after shooting at the FSB building. Note that the capital check revealed serious violations not only in this club, but also in others.

Now Rosgvardia is preparing documents for the dismissal of Colonel Prostakishin, who reported on the falsified audits, as well as two of his subordinates - chief of the city TSRLR Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Yankov and Captain Mun, who was directly to visit the Hummer with the audit. In addition, the department sent materials on the initiation of a criminal case for Official Forgery (Article 292 of the Criminal Code) and egligence (Article 293 of the Criminal Code) to the Prosecutor General's Office and the ICR.


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