Rosgvardiya head's grandson considers pro-Telegram rallies a waste of time and advises using a VPN 

Rosgvardiya head's grandson considers pro-Telegram rallies a waste of time and advises using a VPN
Artem Chechikhin Photo: Sobesednik

What does Artem Chechikhin do?

Sobesednik managed to find out the details of the biography of Rosgvardiya Head’s grandson Artem Chechikhin, as well as interview him. Thus, according to the media outlet, Artem Chechikhin, 18, permanently residing in London, acts in music videos of domestic pop artists, plans to launch a cafe for needy students and builds a bitcoin pyramid.

Chechikhin grew up in Barvikha, vacations in Courchevel, the United Arab Emirates and on Sardinia. He lives in London and goes to Cranleigh School, which used to admit only English elite. The tuition fee is about 3 million rubles ($47.9 thousand) a year, pens Sobesednik.

Zolotov’s grandson starred in the clips of rapper Mot and rocker Roman Arkhipov. The young man is willing to set up a cafe chain. Chechikhin plans to start with three points, in places like a museum, library, and park, and then move to shopping centers. He revealed the name of his brand - ID Cafe and added that he would implement a feature he had not seen either in Moscow or London. Chechikhin considers students the main customers of his café.

Also, he is already a partner of AirBitClub, where he teaches people to earn money on cryptocurrency. According to him, at first, he was skeptical, but after a meeting with representatives of the company, he changed his mind. He does not hide the fact that the company is a pyramid, but underscores that, since now he can make a pretty penny on this, why not do it.

To attract new customers, Chechikhin uses Telegram and VKontakte. The blocking of Telegram did not affect his business in any way, as he and the company's management had warned their customers and advised them to use a VPN. Concerning participation in the rallies against the blocking of the messenger, Chechikhin replied that he was absent from Moscow those days, and added that he considered this a waste of time since the decision on blocking would not be revoked.




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