Rosgvardia ensured safety during World Cup in Sochi using balloon

Rosgvardia ensured safety during World Cup in Sochi using balloon

The troops also had helicopters and drones.

Rosgvardia first elaborated on the unique technical means it used to ensure the safety of World Cup matches in Sochi. According to the department, a tethered OKO balloon aided the guards in monitoring the situation. Previously, Rosgvardia did not unveil the details of the solution of its tasks for the 2018 World Cup. 

The OKO balloon was used to control and monitor the situation in the area of stadium Fisht. "The OKO balloon carries out video surveillance of mass gatherings of people and transmits immediate information," said the Deputy Commander of the special-purpose aviation unit, Alexey Goncharov. 

OKO allows surveilling day and night. The video is sent to the security services on the ground in real time. 

It is not reported whether the "flying video camera" helped to detect violators of public order on the days of World Cup 2018. 

The special-purpose aviation unit is based in Krasnodar. 

High-altitude video surveillance complex OKO is used during mass events. According to Rosgvardia, it demonstrated its efficiency during Formula One, the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup, and other events. 

The guards, who ensured order during the World Cup 2018, were also equipped with Mi-8 helicopters and drone aircraft and rotor drone with photo and video cameras. 

In the framework of the 2018 World Cup Sochi hosted six football matches. The last was the quarterfinals Russia vs Croatia game. In total, 264 thousand people visited the matches. The fan zone created in Sochi is designed for 120 thousand people.



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