Rosaviatsiya explains smoke on board aircraft with football fans from Peru

Rosaviatsiya explains smoke on board aircraft with football fans from Peru

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) says the incident occurred due to the improper functioning of one of the engines; there was no ignition. Rosaviatsiya's commission is looking into the causes and circumstances of the incident.

There has been a failure in the operation of turboprop engine No. 2 of Utair’s airplane АTR-72-212А, flying from Ekaterinburg to Moscow through Tyumen with football fans of the Peru national team on board. This is reported in a message by Rosaviatsiya.

The department notes that the incident occurred during aircraft landing at the Tyumen airport. As a result of the improper functioning of the engine, smoke from the superheated oil entered the cabin’s air-conditioning system. Rosaviatsiya representatives note that this phenomenon was short-lived, and soon clean air began to enter the plane.

The Agency stresses that there was no engine ignition; the situation was under the full control of the experienced crew, trained to land planes with a single engine; there was no threat to flight safety. As a result, the plane successfully landed and taxied to the parking lot. The passengers unloading was conducted on a regular basis, down the ramp, without the use of emergency facilities.

The Agency adds that the investigation of this incident is handled by the Tyumen Rosaviatsiya Commission.

The flight was performed on Saturday, June 23. As reported by the Peruvian television channel RPP referring to the passengers of the flight, they heard a burst 20 minutes before landing in Tyumen, and after a while, smoke began to enter the cabin. According to the TV channel’s sources, the cabin crew provided no explanation of what happened. “They just stopped to ask us to fasten our seatbelts before landing,” the channel cites one of the plane passengers.

Previously, the airline press service told RBC that there was malfunctioning in the operation of one of the engines. It was noted that smoke began to enter the cabin via the air conditioning system, but then the system cleared the air. Air carrier promised to investigate into the incident jointly with aviation authorities.

June 18, there was an incident on board the Airbus A319 aircraft of Rossiya airline, which transported the Saudi Arabian team from St. Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don. Back then, Rosaviatsiya explained that a flame was released from the jet nozzle when landing as a result of improper functioning of one of the engines. Passengers saw this and captured it on their cellphones. The landing was carried out in a standard way. Rosaviatsiya promised to look into the incident.

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