Roof is leaking: case of high-profile pedophiles is moving in right direction 

Roof is leaking: case of high-profile pedophiles is moving in right direction
One of gang members, A. Polonkoev

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has sent a letter to the chairman of the Supreme Court with a request to change the venue of the trial and refer the case from Ingushetia to the North Caucasus District Military Court.

There has been an unexpected continuation of the high-profile case of multiple rapes of a seven-year-old boy by a pedophile gang in the Republic of Ingushetia. As it has become known to the CrimeRussia, the Prosecutor General’s Office has sent a letter to the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia Vyacheslav Lebedev requesting to change the venue of the trial and refer the case from Ingushetia to the North Caucasus District Military Court.

As the source explained to the CrimeRussia, case referral to the Military Court shall take place according to part 4 of Art. 35 of the Russian Criminal Procedure Code, which provides for this measure in case there is a real threat to the security of the trial participants (or their relatives). In addition, the abused child, as well as his mother, is under state protection. The fact that the defendants’ relatives are all a big deal who can influence the decision of judges through their official position, has played a significant role. It is not uncommon in conditions of crony corruption thriving in Ingushetia.

The Supreme Court meeting on this case will be held September 6, 2016 in Moscow. The CrimeRussia will be sure to let you know about its results.

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It should be reminded that a heinous crime has been committed against a seven-year-old boy. The boy had been raped by a gang of pedophiles for a long time, all of whom turned out to be close relatives of certain Ingush officials. It has taken a while, but the perverts have been arrested; however, the case against them has been put a brake on. Only recently, after the CrimeRussia’s publication, one of the deputy General Prosecutors of the Russian Federation overseeing the case has signed the bill of indictment. Ivan Sydoruk had been failing to do this under various pretexts for a long time, which is why most of the villains have yet to be punished for their abominable crime.


Long story

According to the criminal case No. 13520009, А.M. Polonkoev, I.I. Dakiev, А.M. Ozdoev, А.U. Nagoev, M.B. Daurbekov, and М.R. Aushev were committing sexual assault against a seven-year-old child in the period from September 2009 to April 2010. Initially, only Polonkoev has been brought to account, as Sydoruk had not found sufficient grounds against the main defendants. Although the evidence in the indictment against Polonkoyev and in the decision to dismiss the case against his accomplices has been the same. After a number of attempts to cover up their criminal prosecution, the indictment has been signed. Nevertheless, it happened 5 years after the case was opened. According to the CrimeRussia’s source, during this time, other employees of the Investigative Committee of Russian and the Prosecutor's Office were making attempts to release the accused from liability. The investigation was dragged on. Eyewitness accounts and evidence disappeared from the case. Investigator Govorunov did not include the sixteen most important proofs of the defendants’ fault, including the video record of the confrontation with the victim boy, in the case file.



In fact, all of the accused have high-ranking relatives in the power and business structures of Ingushetia. The CrimeRussia has learned about it from the case file, which had become available to the news agency.

For example, Aushev is a relative of several judges at once, namely the Karabulak City Court chairman and judge, as well as the head of the qualification board of judges of the Supreme Court of Ingushetia. Polonkoev is related to the head of the Imperial Oil Company engaged in construction of state facilities in the Republic, whereas Ozdoev, who died during the investigation, was a relative of the former Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Ingushetia B.D. Ozdoev, Judge of the Supreme Court of Ingushetia and the deputy of the National Assembly, the Ingush opposition leader as well as the head of the regional branch of the Narodnaya Partiya Rossii (People’s Party of Russia) Musa Ozdoev. In addition, his widow is an assistant to the chairman of the Magas City Court.

Meanwhile, some really lurid details of the case file, which the defendants’ influential relatives had been trying to cover up for several years, have been revealed. As it has appeared, after finding out what happened to the boy, his father A.S. Hizriev, who had been convicted for cattle theft and had not been engaged in raising his son, decided to keep the matter quiet. According to the record of interrogation, the custom required him to get revenge on his son’s rapists, but he has failed to do this due to “financial” and “other” problems. As a result, the child’s father persuaded the former to retract his statement on camera in exchange for a promise to take him away to the Chechen Republic, as well as to present him “a bike and a computer.” In March 2012, Hazriev arrived to Karabulak at the place of the victim’s and the rapists’ residence along with an Argun mullah. On a square, he spoke to the relatives of Polonkoev, publicly stating that nobody had raped the boy and that his mother had bad-mouthed the alleged rapists.


However, despite the apparent reluctance of many interested persons to bring the case to the court, the investigation could be completed only due to the persistence of the boy’s relatives. As of today, the guilt of all pedophile gang members has been proved. The matter now depends on impartial justice, which can be provided by the Regional Military Court out of contact with the powerful clans of Ingushetia.



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