Romani leave Chemodanovka and neighboring village after mass brawl

Romani leave Chemodanovka and neighboring village after mass brawl

Members of the diaspora claim that the local government expelled them.

In the Penza Region, Romani people left the villages of Chemodanovka and Lopatka after a conflict with local residents which resulted in the death of one of the villagers and arson. The press service of the region said that the diaspora leaves the settlements on their own volition. The head of the Chemodanovsky Village Council, Sergey Fadeev, told MBKh-Media that the Romani had been taken out forcibly.

“I responsibly declare that no one forcibly evicted anyone anywhere. They really left Chemodanovka and Lopatka, but did so voluntarily: many were afraid of the consequences. No one evicted them,” the press secretary of the head of the Penza Region, Dina Cheremushkina, assured.

Cattle were left in many courtyards. Its fate will be decided after receiving permission from the Prosecutor's Office to invade the private territory, Kommersant writes.

On June 13, a massive brawl took place between the villagers and the Romani neighbors, which resulted in one dead person. The next day, the villagers blocked the highway M5 “Ural” demanding to evict the Romani community. On the night of June 15, someone set fire to one of their houses in Lopatka. Policemen from the nearest districts arrived to arrest the violators. 20 officers stayed in Chemodanovka after the situation stabilized. The incident is investigated in the central office of the ICR.



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