Rochdelskaya shootout: policemen to testify against workmate

Rochdelskaya shootout: policemen to testify against workmate
Renat Zinnatulin

Former district police officer Renat Zinnatulin intends to give testimony against Denis Romashkin, the former senior police officer of MIA Criminal Investigation Department in the Khamovniki district.

Renat Zinnatulin, 29, accused of inaction during a shootout in Rochdelskaya Street near Elements restaurant in December 2015, intends to testify against his coworker Denis Romashkin, 39, the Acting Deputy Chief of Presnensky police station, reported Zinnatulin's lawyer Tatyana Krisanova.

"He is willing to testify that Denis Romashkin did not give any orders and adopted a passive attitude as the conflict started and further developed," said Krisanova.

According to the lawyer, the incident could have been averted if Zinnatulin and his other associate from the Presnensky police department Ildar Shakirov, who was there, had turned on the car sirens and fired into the air. Romashkin, on the other hand, “adopted a wrongful attitude” having decided not to interfere in the conflict between Shakro Molodoy’s men and those on the side of Eduard Budantsev, according to Krisanova.

The attorney also remarked that Zinnatulin is ready to fully recognize the charges, "thereby emphasizing his attitude to the criminal case." The lawyer explained that her client had not recognized the charges at the preliminary investigation because he allegedly "fell under the pernicious influence of counselor Lyubov Koneva, who violated the lawyer's ethics forcing him to give false testimony for a whole year." According to Krisanova, the former attorney of the accused had promised him freedom and acquittal.

Renat Zinnatulin intends to give his testimony in the Moscow Presnensky Court on April 20.

As the CrimeRussia reported previously, the court proceeded to study the criminal case against Romashkin, Shakirov and Zinnatulin, accused of abuse of authority on April 11. According to investigators, on 14 December 2015, police arrived at a call to a restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street, where a conflict was escalating between the Elements workers led by former intelligence officer Edvard Budantsev on the one side and Shakro Molodoy’s men led by Andrey Kochuykov (Italiyanets) on the other side. The latter came to Kim demanding their 8 million rubles back saying that she had borrowed it from Shakro Molodoy’s friend Fatima Misikova, who is a designer.

Meanwhile, the police officers got into the restaurant, ordered dinner and started watching the fight not lifting a finger, even when the shootout started, killing 2 and injuring 8.

The victim Zhanna Kim demanded 1.5 million rubles ($26.600) as damages from the defendants (500 thousand rubles from each).



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