Rochdelskaya shooting: another view on Elements restaurant raider seizure 

Rochdelskaya shooting: another view on Elements restaurant raider seizure
Still from the video near Elements restaurant

Judging by the published shots, the actions of the lawyer who arrived at the request of the hostess of the restaurant really smack of self-defense, despite the fact that two people were killed due to his shots.

One of the Youtube channels, almost 2 years after the shootout near Elements restaurant in Moscow, published CCTV records with a second-long transcript of what was happening inside the establishment. From this video, the actions of people participating in the conflict are becoming clear and many details of the raider's seizure of the restaurant in Rochdelskaya Street on December 14, 2015 are confirmed.

Previously, only selected images from external surveillance cameras installed along the perimeter of the building were made public. Images from the halls of the restaurant show that 31-year-old Alexey Kitaev, one of henchmen of ‘authority’ Andrey Kochyukov (Italianets), who was subsequently killed in the shootout, repeatedly provoked a conflict with the lawyer of the restaurant owner, a former KGB officer, Eduard Budantsev. The latter, judging from the shots did not interfere in the ongoing skirmish for a long time, only monitoring what was happening. Kitaev however demonstratively kept his hand on the handle of the pistol, which was in the holster on the strap. And at the moment when Italianets and Budantsev on the terrace entered a verbal skirmish, Kitaev was the first to open fire, and he aimed at the head of the lawyer. However, none of the numerous shots of Kitaev could hit the opponents, while Budantsev's shots killed two Italianets’ assistants. Judging from the published pictures, the actions of the lawyer were indeed self-defense.

It can also be seen on the shots that the policemen who arrived at the scene, as stated earlier, did not take any measures to prevent the conflict. They sat down to have dinner at one of the tables, and later even tried to leave the scene. However, when the shooting started, the policemen were therr, but they did not fulfill their direct responsibilities to prevent the crime and detain the raiders.

Notably, the video was published a channel with the title Zakon Poryadok (Law Order), whose name echoes the name of Budantsev's law firm Dictatorship of the law. And there are no more videos on the channel, registered on November 12, 2017.

The events led by the skirmish, caused a chain reaction of detentions and exposures, both among the highest echelon of criminals of Russia, and among high-ranking siloviki.

Bandits receiving a bullet: details of shooting in Rochdelskaya



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