Robbers shoot sales manager taking away bag with $19.000

Robbers shoot sales manager taking away bag with $19.000

The attackers were wearing medical masks.

Four robbers wearing medical masks attacked an office in the town of Moskovsky, Novaya Moskva, shot the sales manager and took away his bag with 1.1 million rubles ($19.000), the Moskva agency reported citing the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow.

The attack occurred on the evening of October 23rd. According to the company’s general director, the attackers fled in an Opel Vectra.

The victim was hospitalized with a non-penetrating bullet wound of the chest and a bruised right scapular region. He was given medical help and sent home.

A criminal case has been initiated under item (b), part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (Armed Robbery committed on an especially large scale).



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