Robber who poisoned more than 20 people wanted in Moscow

Robber who poisoned more than 20 people wanted in Moscow

The police refused to take evidence from the scene and released the main suspect.

At least 24 Muscovites suffered from unidentified robbers who treat victims to drinks with a psychotropic substance. Some victims recovered the next day, others fell into a coma. The police were indifferent to the incidents, and the man, detained by passers-by at the crime scene, was released on recognizance not to leave, The Village reports.

“They (policemen – Ed.) simply ignored me, although there were no other people in the police department. Then they said that, allegedly, I had already written a statement before, but refused to show it. And then they even shouted at me, called me a drug addict, threatened to send me to the clinic and register me – they behaved absolutely insanely,” the publication quotes one of the victims as saying.

The journalists decided to submit an application with the ICR after the poisoning of their photo editor Lyudmila Chizhova, who after a robbery fell into a coma, and now she walks with a cane and has to undergo an IV drip session every day. Alexey Pryanishnikov, a lawyer and coordinator of Pravozaschity Otrkytki manages her case.

Lyudmila and her friends were poisoned on June 7 by a man who identified himself as Murad and treated everyone to Fanta. When the victims fainted, the robber began rummaging through their pockets. During this, he was caught by two passersby, who detained the criminal and called the police. One of the passersby asked the police to pick up the bottles as evidence, but they did not listen. The doctors found an “unknown psychotropic substance” in Chizhova’s blood. 

At that time, the police had already received several complaints of similar robberies, but the law enforcement officers released the suspect under a written undertaking not to leave the place, and the criminal case was initiated only under the article on theft.

Journalists established 24 cases of robbery, in front of which the victims were fed by soft drinks or beer containing an unknown substance. The first crime was committed on June 11, the last one – on June 21. Sometimes a man acted together with a fair-haired girl. The robberies took place in public gardens near Chistye Prudy, in Gorky Park, in the public space Yama on Khokhlovskaya Square and in the Zinziver bar.



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