Road Patrol Service officer murdered Armavir businessmen

Road Patrol Service officer murdered Armavir businessmen

A former employee of the victims was a member of the gang that has planned and committed the murder.

It took the law enforcement authorities less than three days to solve the murder of two Armavir businessmen. Their bodies shot through the heads were found in the elevator of a building located at 87 Lenina street – the victims used to rent an apartment in the center of Armavir.

According to Region Online web portal, the businessmen were natives of Azerbaijan. They owned a chain of discount stores in Armavir and planned a trip to Moscow for another shipment of merchandise shortly before their death. Their killers-to-be were aware about this.

The investigators have found that the crime had been committed by a group of ‘like-minded’ persons involving a former employee of the victims, former Road Patrol Service officer, and two unknown people. The greed for gain was the reason behind the nightmarish murder. On that day, the businessmen had a large amount of money – almost 17 millions – with them. Obviously, the cash was not found at the crime scene – the killers have taken it.

According to sources in law enforcement authorities, in total four people were involved into the organization and commission of that murder. All of them have been detained, investigative activities are ongoing.



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