Road inspector engages in deadly DUI hit-and-run, Crimea

Road inspector engages in deadly DUI hit-and-run, Crimea
Footage from the accident scene

The driver of a Mercedes attempted to escape from the scene after hitting a Kia, but crashed into a VAZ instead.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reported in a press release that after a 17:56 call to the rescue service yesterday, the 2nd subdivision of the fire and rescue unit of the Crimean Federal Fire Service conducted an operation to save the Yalta road accident victims.

Subdivision 1 and subdivision 11 of the rescue unit, a rescue team of the Federal Fire Service, the Yalta rescue party Krym-Spas, State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and ambulance came to the accident scene near the turn to the Stroygorodok village to find that the Mercedes driver had nearly managed to escape after it had hit a Kia on the oncoming lane; but apparently, he was out of luck that day, as just then he crashed into a VAZ.

Two of the Kia passengers were killed: a woman born in 1954 and her granddaughter Anya, 1.5 years old. Anya’s mother, Oksana, born in 1978, is now in intensive care and is yet to learn that her mother and daughter are dead.

An 8-year-old girl in the VAZ also got injuries and was taken to Yalta City Hospital No. 1.

The Emergency Situations Ministry team dragged the victims out of the cars and handed them over to ambulance workers. Additional fire-fighting steps were taken to prevent a possible flame development on the accident scene.



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