Rights defender detained for bribery turned in by convicted fixer Dionisiy Zolotov 

Rights defender detained for bribery turned in by convicted fixer Dionisiy Zolotov
Dionisiy Zolotov

Certain details have become known about the crime of which Denis Nabiullin is suspected. The “unidentified prisoner”, against whom the Public Monitoring Commission member Denis Nabiullin detained in Moscow had committed swindling, turned out to be infamous fixer and fraudster Dionisiy Zolotov (Tumarkin).

Member of the Public Monitoring Commission Denis Nabiullin has tried to obtain 29 million rubles ($490 thousand) from an infamous fixer Dionisiy Zolotov through an intermediary, Kommersant reports. Earlier, the media called the extortion victim “an unidentified prisoner.”

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the rights defender had promised to ensure the release of a prisoner for medical reasons in exchange for a certain amount, but failed to fulfill his obligations. According to the ICR Main Investigations Directorate, Nabiullin lacked the power to assist Zolotov in hospitalization, let alone in release, therefore he is charged with attempt at swindling (Art. 30 and part 4 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code).

To recall, Denis Nabiullin was detained by FSB officers on December 6 in Kofemania café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street. During a sting operation, Nabiullin was given a bag with rubles, dollars, and a paper ‘doll’ imitating part of the money. According to the publication, he was to meet with a representative of fixer Dionisiy Zolotov in the café.

According to the investigation, from September to November 2017, the PMC member repeatedly visited Dionisiy Zolotov’s confinement cell to check for violation of the prisoner’s rights. The investigators believe that during these visits, the parties were negotiating; allegedly, the rights defender offered Zolotov help in obtaining a certification for medical examination using his links in the power structures, after which the latter should have been released from the pre-trial detention center. Nabiullin demanded $500 thousand, or the same amount in the ruble equivalent, from Zolotov for this service, saying that half of this money was for doctors.

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Denis Nabiullin

The detention facility’s operative team learned about the negotiations with the help of intra-prison cultivation, and then offered Zolotov to cooperate with the investigation. To recall, Dionisiy Zolotov had already done this in the past – his testimony had helped the FSB and ICR expose a group of corrupt police officers led by former Head of the Moscow Western District police department Vladimir Rozhkov, who was later sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

Former Head of Zashchita LLC Moscow College of Lawyers Dionisiy Zolotov is a person well known to law enforcement bodies. He has been held criminally liable for fraud at least 4 times. While under the conditional term, Zolotov was sentenced to a total of 6.5 years in prison for fraud in respect of the producer of the famous Korolevskaya Voda (‘Royal Water’) Iosif Badalov and Head of Viktoriya Group of Companies and honored builder of the Moscow region Viktor Krulikovsky. However, he is currently under investigation for another case.

To recall, yesterday, the Presnensky Court of Moscow arrested a member of the Public Monitoring Commission, Denis Nabiullin, until February 6. Nabiullin’s lawyer Fedor Aksenenko believes that the detention of the rights defender is an “FSB operation aimed at PMC defamation.” Deputy Chairwoman of the Public Monitoring Commission Eva Merkacheva thinks that the case may have to do with the Fund of Assistance to Arrested Persons founded by Nabiullin. In addition, according to Merkacheva, this can be a revenge for the numerous requests concerning tortures in police departments, which the detainee had been filing recently.



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