Rich kid who run pedestrian by Porsche on Mosfilmovskaya arrested

Rich kid who run pedestrian by Porsche on Mosfilmovskaya arrested
Vartan Sarkisov

The Tver Court of Moscow ordered the arrest of the street racer on Porsche Cayenne Vartan Sarkisov, who knocked a pedestrian dead on the crosswalk on Mosfilmovskaya Street on February 19.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, early in the morning on February 19, Sarkisov was driving his car at 145 km per hour and knocked down a 58-year-old man near building 34 on Mosfilmovskaya Street, who was crossing the roadway at a pedestrian crossing. After this, the reckless driver carried the victim Andrey Shestakov on hood of his car for about 300 m, and then, flipping over onto the sidewalk, he crashed into the cars parked at the curb.

After the collision, Porsche Cayenne caught fire, and Vartan Sarkisov along with his friend, who was also in his car on the front passenger seat, got out and tried to run away, leaving the pedestrian dying on the hood. The police officers who arrived on the scene detained the fugitives; and the victim died before the arrival of an ambulance. 

After the arrest, Sarkisov was hospitalized with a broken arm. He was in a medical facility under guard. A criminal case under ‘Violation of traffic rules and vehicle operation, committed on imprudence entailing death of a person’ has been initiated against him.

As the media found out, Vartan Sarkisov is the son of Moscow businessman Georgy Sarkisov and considers himself belonging to ‘elite youth’. He has repeatedly participated in street racing and is on friendly terms with the notorious street racer Mara Bagdasaryan.



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