Rich kid, who arranged mass car accident in Moscow, released under recognizance not to leave 

Rich kid, who arranged mass car accident in Moscow, released under recognizance not to leave
Andrey Smirnov

The court did not arrest Andrey Smirnov, despite the fact that within a month he was hiding from the investigation.

The court refused to arrest Andrey Smirnov, who was suspected of committing a mass accident, which happened in July this year at the Volokolamskoe highway in Moscow.

The court chose a preventive measure in the form of a recognizance not to leave.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the man was detained the day before in Moscow, a month after the accident. He was found on Marshala Koneva Street, where he was hiding from the investigation at his friends.

Let's remind, on Volokolamskoe highway in the early morning on July, 25th there was a mass accident. According to the Traffic Police and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, four cars fell into an accident. The accident occurred because of the driver's Mercedes-Benz S-class maneuver. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the foreign car was moving with a significant excess of speed and flew to the Volokolamskoe highway from the alternate route. The elite coupe came racing out the oncoming lane, crashed into Skoda and Fiat. In the accident, the bus also was damaged. The elite compartment was torn to pieces after a blow from one of the cars, after which the car caught fire. As a result of the accident, 4 persons were taken to the hospital. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Сгоревшее авто

Accident’s spot

Note that the culprit is the son of former director general of MGTS and MTS board member Mikhail Smirnov. As far as we know, Smirnov Jr. bought the expensive Mercedes-Benz S-500 just weeks before the accident.



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