Rich kid from Muzeon serving his sentence: croissants, soft pillow, and domino

Rich kid from Muzeon serving his sentence: croissants, soft pillow, and domino

Young man sentenced for 10 days for driving around the pedestrian area has made a vacation retreat out of detention facility.

Another rich kid prisoner, a grandson of the famous transplant surgeon Valeriy Shumakov, who had been arrested for 10 days for riding a BMW around the Muzeon park, intends to seek the return of his driver’s license. Kirill Romanov maintains his innocence, but admits he has been driving without a license. The young man is about to be released from the detention center, where he has been serving his sentence in the company of ex-cons and drunks.

Whether isolation has been good for him? Human rights defenders have tried to find this out by inspecting the shelter for violators at Biryulyovo Zapadnoye district.

“The special detention center for persons under administrative arrest at the Administration of Internal Affairs for the South Administrative District is an experimental facility,” said a member of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission Andrey Babushkin. In fact, Biryulyovo Zapadnoye is the first district with its own detention center, but it is also one of the most difficult areas in terms of criminality and offenses.

In addition, it is the only institution headed by a woman, which explains the almost perfect order and cleanliness (despite the repairs of some wards currently taking place). According to Larisa Vladimirovna Markelova, the maximum center capacity is 29 persons, whereas there are 16 persons imprisoned at the moment. Most of them are charged with traffic violations just like Kirill Romanov.

“Part of the prisoners doesn’t have slippers,” said Babushkin in a voice lacking sympathy during the round of cells. “They all share one fridge. There is an equipped visitation room. In the exercise yard there is a bench, a canopy, and water runoff. Some mattresses have become matted and unsuitable for sleeping.”

The mattresses are not the worst part; the pillows are. The only bed with a brand new thick mattress and a good pillow stands in one of the wards. Instead of disposable spunlace bed linen, the bed is covered with high-quality cotton.

“Whose ideal bed is it?” asked we.

“It’s mine,” replied Kirill Romanov. “This is what they’ve sent me from home”.

Each prisoner has the right to sleep on his own bedding, but only a few of them take this opportunity. Even the bed linen of a singer Valeriy Nikolaev, who was serving a sentence of 15 days not so long ago, was government-furnished.

“Will you leave the mattress and the pillow when you’re out,” we asked Romanov. “So that other people could use it?”

“No, I will take it with me! It is bad luck to leave anything in such place.”

Not only does Kirill sleep on the bed linen sent from home, he also does not eat jail food, although the special detention center has the best meals of all facilities (the day we visited the center, buckwheat with meat, Georgian soup kharcho, tea and buns were on the menu for lunch). The young daredevil, for one, eats croissants, sandwiches with sausage and fruit he got from his parents. There is a big pack of groceries standing next to the bed.

How do Romanov and three of his inmates spend their time (one of them is Dagestani, another, elderly man, had already served a term in a colony)? They play domino all day long. They do not perform any community service, and nobody gives them sermons on the observance of laws. Which makes the very idea of correctional education during arrest rather doubtful. The 10 days could have been spent on thinking and reading books, but only one inmate is reading, and it is not Kirill.

“I’m not interested in reading,” snapped Romanov.

We told him about the connection between education and spirituality. In response to this, Kirill said that he had studied business (specialized secondary education), and that it is enough for him.

His arms crossed, a defiant look in his eyes; nevertheless, Babushkin notes that it is all gallery play explained by immaturity rather than by evil nature. By the way, according to the guards who brought Romanov to the detention center, on the first day after the trial that the boy was depressed and had tears in his eyes... He looked more like a hurt child than a dangerous daredevil.

At first, the young prisoner did not want to talk to anyone, not even to his father, but then he thawed out. Visitors are allowed to see him; even his girlfriend has already paid his a visit at the special detention center. But then again, could the local walls change his view of life?

“How do I return my driver’s license? Is there the highest court?” this is what Kirill cares about the most. His driver’s license was suspended back in February, but the court has reversed the decision.

“If the decision has been reversed, then your driver’s license is not suspended,” speculated Babushkin.

“Then why am I here?”

“As far as we know, you were driving your father’s BMW around Muzeon.”

“I wasn’t driving around, I live nearby, and that’s it. Nobody arrested me in Muzeon; there is no video evidence proving it was me. I was not there!"

“Well, quite possibly the young man had borrowed the car to one of his friends, and then he refused to betray the friend,” told Babushkin to Romanov. “But we have to look at the case in terms of the law. As I understand it, the court did have evidence of other traffic violations, and it was enough for 10-day imprisonment. And your stories about the court reversing the decision on license suspension sound quite confusing, I hardly understand anything. The concepts you provide are mutually exclusive.

“Everyone believes what media tells them; believe me, no Muzeon incident has ever occurred, and I'll prove it,” struted up Kirill . “The only thing I'm guilty of is driving without a driver’s license, but I’ve appealed against court decision on driver’s license suspension. As for the car… There's a million of those BMWs in Moscow, why picking on me? Looks like somebody loves calling me a rich kid..."

“But the whole country knows your name!” argued Kirill’s inmate, and everyone bursted into laughter. It is funny indeed. Romanov’s grandfather used to be famous for performing unique surgeries. His grandson, in turn, is known for driving around the pedestrian area. To each generation its own glory.



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