Rich kids of Caucasus fire with automatic rifle in Moscow center 

Rich kids of Caucasus fire with automatic rifle in Moscow center
Screenshot from the video of shooting posted online

A group of young Caucasians driving a SUV has opened fire with automatic weapons in the center of Moscow, scaring away passersby.

The silver-spooners have videotaped their ‘amusement’ and posted it online.

The video shows one of the young men pulling an assault rifle out of the trunk and starting shooting in the air. Other participants of the action are laughing cheerfully and commenting on what is happening. Cries of the passersby frightened by shots can be heard on the recording.

It has not been established when and where the incident occurred. As for the video itself, it was uploaded to Instagram by a user nicknamed umar_umarov111, who was directly involved in the unsafe ‘entertainment.’

Moscow police has already taken interest in the recording and noted that first it is necessary to establish whether the action really took place in Moscow, as well as its time and location. Only then it will be possible to take some measures. The young people’s actions fall under Article 213 of the Russian Criminal Code (Hooliganism with a Gross Violation of Public Order).

Video: Rifle shooting in Moscow center 2017



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