Revolt in Samara IK-5 occurred due to conflict between cons 

Revolt in Samara IK-5 occurred due to conflict between cons
The instigator had to jump into the window of the third floor to escape Photo: VK

New details of the rebellion of prisoners in the Samara correctional colony, which resulted in a fire and 17 injured, became known. The instigator of the conflict was the assistant of the 'red' (cops) squad named Pyatak.

The Kuibyshev Interdistrict Investigation Department of the ICR in Samara on February 9 initiated a criminal case on Hooliganism (Article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) after the unrest in the Samara colony, the press service of the regional management of the Investigative Committee reported.

The conflict between convicts, according to the regional FSIN, occurred during the dinner on February 8. According to human rights ombudswoman Olga Galtsova, one of the prisoners who works in the economic unit, began to insult the detainees of the detachment coming from dinner. They broke the fence and, catching up with the instigator, ran into the third floor of one of the colony buildings and began to beat the prisoners in the prison room with wooden and metal objects. Then, they set mattresses on fire.

Meanwhile, No Gulag VK community reveals the causes of the unrest that broke up in the colony in more detail.

It is reported that a supporter from the 'black' detachment (where orders are established by representatives of the criminality denying the regime), nicknamed Kartavy, came to the neighboring 'red' (subordinate to the colony administration) detachment to ask for something.

There, he faced refusal of the 'red' squadron manager, nicknamed Pyatak, after which a quarrel arose, during which Pyatak was beaten. After that, Pyatak, approaching the internal fence between the units, began shouting insulting expressions and threats to the 'black' ones, which was the cause of further unrest.


After that, the convicts of the 'black' squad broke into the neighboring squad and staged a mass brawl with the 'red' prisoners, and instigator Pyatak, fearing for his life, had to jump from the third-floor window to the top of the nearest tree and call for help from there. Shortly after this, the fight was ceased by the colony officers.

During the riots, victims received injuries of varying severity. The fire was extinguished, 17 people were hospitalized - mostly all of the victims were from 'red' squadron since the attack was sudden. The attackers beat them in the dark, many rested, watching TV.

According to Olga Galtsova, the prison is working in a regular mode; there are no complaints about the prison staff.



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