Revelations of 13 yo Russian figure skater: “How to perform consistently? Take a lot of dope” 

Revelations of 13 yo Russian figure skater: “How to perform consistently? Take a lot of dope”
Anastasia Shabotova

13-year-old Russian figure skater Anastasia Shabotova told during Instagram live what helps her to perform successfully and steadily - the right dope.

"How to perform stably? Take a lot of dope. That's all. You just have to take the right dope," said Shabotova.

The figure skater also added that the athletes who train in the Khrustalny department take this very dope.

“Are they taking or not in the Khrustalny? Of course, they are taking,” she said.

Sports Express publishes the record of the live with the revelations of the figure skater.

Shabotova is the part of the Snow Leopards, having gone there last season from Moskvich.

Representatives of the Khrustalny department of the Sambo-70 Sports and Education Center were Olympic champions Yulia Lipnitskaya and Alina Zagitova, as well as the two-time Olympic silver medalist Yevgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya, and Alexander Trusova.

This is the best school of figure skating in recent years in the world because it was the Khrustalny figure skater from the group of Eteri Tutberidze, Sergey Dudakov and Daniil Gleikhengauz who won the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

The head of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), Yuri Ganus, assured that Shabotova’s statements about the use of illicit drugs would be analyzed.

"We will do additional verification and educational work concerning this athlete. But the main thing is that we have to introduce a culture of intolerance to doping," he told Sports Express.

The President of the Russian Federation of Figure Skating, Alexander Gorshkov, praised the statements of a 13-year-old figure skater briefly and succinctly.

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