"Retired racketeer" Mikhail Orsky stood up for "crony and drinking companion" Pavel Pyatnitsky

"Retired racketeer" Mikhail Orsky stood up for "crony and drinking companion" Pavel Pyatnitsky
Mikhail Orsky

Orsky revealed to the journalists several interesting facts about the human rights activist’s biography.

A writer with a criminal past and author of the novel The Path of the Russian Gangster. Legends of the dashing 90s” Mikhail Orsky commented on the detention of the famous human rights activist Pavel Pyatnitsky and revealed some interesting facts about his biography, NSN writes.

Orsky, who does not hide the prison past and calls himself a “retired racketeer,” stood up for a human rights activist.

“If Pyatnitsky opened fire, then surely he did it against the enemies of the fatherland!” he expressed confidence.

According to the writer, he has been friends with "crony and the drinking companion" Pyatnitsky since the 2000s. The human rights activist has always been “a daring and violent little,” thanks to this character, he even became the prototype for the character of the book, whom Orsky called Victor Vtornitsky. According to him, Pyatnitsky always had always been close to criminal subculture.

“Pasha is a fan of chanson. And as a true lover of it, he was never against drinking alcohol and stand in the boxing position. He was a frequenter of two taverns – Butyrka, which was the stronghold of hard chanson, and the Neva club, in which the well-known organized criminal group was based for 25 years, ceasing to exist a couple of years ago. When Pasha was punched in the liver in the Neva club, his interest in thieves and a thug song evaporated,” NSN quotes Orsky.

According to Orsky, lately Pyatnitsky has drifted away from him, forgetting about the old friendship.

“He could at least once in the last five to seven years call me, ask who to give what in prison, he goes there all the time anyway!” he lamented.

Orsky also said that Vadim Lyalin, a representative of "serious special services", is a lawyer for the human rights activist, therefore "nothing threatens his freedom."

Recall, a member of the PMC, Pyatnitsky, who is known for his high-profile case comments on Russian TV channels, now runs the risk of becoming a defendant in a criminal case. He was detained the day before for shooting on the street with a traumatic weapon. In connection with the unpleasant incident, his membership in the PMC has been stopped.

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