‘Retired racketeer’ advises Kokorin to continue to give up eating in jail

‘Retired racketeer’ advises Kokorin to continue to give up eating in jail
Mikhail Orsky in the company of crime lord

Mikhail Orsky believes that in this way, the football player is doing a favor to other prisoners.

Former prisoner who called himself ‘retired racketeer’ Mikhail Orsky has commented to NSN the news that footballer Alexander Kokorin refuses to eat prison food. According to Orsky, the athlete is doing the right thing. 

“If it is possible to replace it with something, then God help him. No one will look at him the wrong way, even on the contrary — if it was, for example, a mass cell, they would get 30 bowls with soup. Five or six prisoners do not eat it, but still take their portions. Hobos, the poor, and all that trash will gladly have that portion,” Orsky said.

He noted that in his time, the system of prison parcels was much more severe. Now it is easy to order goods from the online store. 

“In the camp, not in prison, we had our own [electric] stove. We took potatoes and pasta in the dining room, and we got the stew in packages. And we cooked ourselves food,” the source said, noting that today, if one has money, they can deny ourselves nothing.

To recall, Mikhail Orsky has repeatedly given advice to footballers and shared the features of life in prison. Thus, on the New Year’s Eve, he described the customs of holiday celebration in captivity and what traditions exist in the world behind bars.



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