Woman "resurrected" after falling from 30 meters height dies in Moscow

Woman "resurrected" after falling from 30 meters height dies in Moscow
Lyubov Mikhaylusova Photo: Social networks

After the woman's heart stopped in the ambulance for the second time, doctors could no longer resuscitate her.

Lyubov Mikhaylusova, a resident of Moscow, strongly quarreled with her spouse. Neighbors heard screams and threats of divorce. The woman ran out of the apartment and began to threaten that she would commit suicide. The neighbors went out to calm her down, but Lyubov ran back into the apartment and locked herself inside.

According to preliminary data, further tragedy occurred in front of her little son. When the doctors and rescuers arrived at the scene of the incident and took the woman who fell from the 10th floor from the canopy of the entrance, her pulse was not felt, the pupils did not react to the light. Doctors decided to fight till the end, and during resuscitation her heart pounded.

Later, doctors reported that the victim died in an ambulance on her way to the hospital. The second time the miracle did not happen – re-resuscitation was not effective. Lyubov Mikhaylusova left a small child.

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