Residents of Penza village blocked “Ural” highway out of fear of Romani 

Residents of Penza village blocked “Ural” highway out of fear of Romani

Earlier, five people were injured in a mass brawl.

Residents of the village of Chemodanovka in the Bessonovsky District of the Penza Region blocked the federal highway M5 “Ural”. Earlier a mass brawl with the local Romani people took place in the village, and now the locals are afraid of the arrival of more of the latter from other regions, the Penza-Vzglyad writes. 

Interim Penza Region MIA Directorate head Vadim Kovtun said that the roads from Kuznetsk and Saratov were blocked, and the policemen were check drivers heading towards Chemodanovka. After the fight, the investigative body initiated criminal cases over hooliganism and intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, since five people were injured, two of them were hospitalized in grave condition.

The local residents claim that the Romani abused their children. According to another version, one of the girls suffered a rape attempt, as a result of which the villagers decided to punish those “immigrants.” The governor of the region, Ivan Belozertsev, spoke at the village gathering in which about 500 people took part, and called for acting according to the law.



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