Resident of neighbor's house called firefighters that extinguished fire at Kemerovo mall

Resident of neighbor's house called firefighters that extinguished fire at Kemerovo mall
Fire at the mall

According to her, the firefighters arrived without delay.

The phone call to the firefighters unit about the fire at the Zimnyaya Vishnya mall was made not from the building of the shopping center, but from the neighbor's house. According to lawyer Elena Kiseleva, the firefighters arrived without delay, and the call was made not by the security guards of the mall or the administration staff and not even from the people who were in the building, the firemen were called by a woman living in the opposite house. She saw a smoke above the roof of the building. By this time, 4:03:36pm, the building was on fire for 4 minutes already, TASS reports.

This was the possible reason why firefighters could not accurately determine the degree of threat. Initially, they thought that the roof of the building was burning, and not the fourth floor.

Kiseleva also reported that the arrived firefighters met with people who were quietly leaving the shopping center.

The fire in the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center occurred on March 25. The fire killed 60 people, including 41 children. 8 people, including the technical director of the shopping center, the former head of the Kemerovo State Construction Supervision Service, the director general of the mall’s owner Kemerovo Confectionery Plant OJSC, the manager of the shopping center, the head and the employee of the Systemny Integrator company, the security guard of the private security firm, who, according to the investigation, turned off the warning system after the fire blaze, as well as the fire brigade commander engaged in extinguishing the fire, were detained within the criminal cases opened after the accident.



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