Reshuffles in Tyumen FSB fuelled by high-profile case on 'chekists-killers'

Reshuffles in Tyumen FSB fuelled by high-profile case on 'chekists-killers'
Major-General Pyatiletov (left)

Exposing the criminal group, involved in from 8 proven to 50 alleged murders, will cost posts to a number of officers of the FSB in the Tyumen region, led by Major-General Pyatiletov.⁠

The post of the Head of the FSB Main Directorate of the Tyumen region will be taken in the near future, according to unconfirmed data, by the first Deputy Head of the FSB for Primorsky Krai, Igor Kochnev, reports.

A well-informed source told the publication that the new chief of the Directorate will be introduced next week. Currently, Colonel Kochnev is on vacation like Vadim Pyatiletov, officially holding the post of the Head of the regional directorate.

According to the source, after a prolonged, due to the long military experience, holiday of General Pyatiletov, one should expect the President's decree on his dismissal and the appointment of a new Head of the regional FSB.

Previously, The CrimeRussia has reported on the significant personnel reshuffle that would take place in the FSB Directorate in the Tyumen region in relation to the case of the 'chekist-killers gang’, which has been operating throughout the Ural Federal District for more than 10 years.

In mid-July Moscow decided to dismiss the Head of Internal Security Service, the Head of the Human Resources Department of the FSB, as well as the Commander of the battalion, in which the suspects served. However, the source of adds that the Directorate will be completely restructured, the local staff will not occupy leading positions at all.

The reason for such radical changes in the regional department of state security was a high-profile case, which became known in mid-July 2017. It turned out that from 2008 to 2017 there was a gang of professional killers in the region, which, according to some reports, was headed by shooter of the special forces of the Tyumen FSB Sergei Gilev.

Together with two other colleagues in the FSB and another member of the gang, also an active member of law enforcement agencies, Gilev was detained and was kept in remand prison until May 20. On that day, the body of Gilev with a cut throat and opened veins was found in the cell of the detention center. Gilev was reported to be a valuable source of information for the investigation, but it is also known that FSB officer Alexei Korotkov, who was also arrested in the criminal case, concluded a pre-trial agreement.

According to the investigation, the gang killed for various reasons, ranging from ones for their own benefit to ordered ones stemming from dislike. Earlier, the source of The CrimeRussia reported that the killers could take orders from former vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteev, convicted for 18 years for a bribe. In May 2017 the ex-official, serving the sentence, told the investigators about the corruption activities of the regional siloviki. His testimony concerned the Tyumen killers as well. Their case has been passed to the Military Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Ural Federal District, the investigation continues.



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